Blood for Stone


Blood for Stone.  80 pages.  Black and white.   Copyright 2010. 

Art by Shannon Ritchie; Cover by Mike Hoffman; Letters by Jaymes Reed; Story by Kenton Daniels

This story presented in three parts, each section told from the point of view of a different character.   

  {page 1}

Hopelessly lost in the alps, a Roman centurion and four of his men wander into a mountain village only to discover that the headman’s neice has been kidnapped by a local brigand.  The Romans agree to help find the girl if the headman promises to show them a secret way out of the mountains.   With a mysterious gypsy slave serving as guide, the Romans journey to a place called Devil’s Finger where they unwittingly fall into the lair of Lucifer’s scorned cherub, Engel.  The headman has made a pact with Engel.  In exchange for the destruction of his enemy, the girl is to serve as sacrifice to the demon.  The five soldiers, far from home, must fight to free themselves from a subterranean tomb of horror.

 {page 16, introducing the mysterious gypsy, Velka}

 {page 5, the Romans fight their way through the unforgiving Alps}


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