Shades of Magic

Shades of Magic: Update:  August 4, 2011.

The pencils for the final page for the Image submission packet.  We’re getting closer and closer every day. 

Art by Jossie Lara

 Shades of Magic is a  7 part mini-series that follows the adventures of occulist and adventurer, Nilah Bonechea.   She spends her days wandering through After All —  a Boschesque version of the afterlife — hunting relentlessly for sacred relics to fill her cabinet of magical curiousities.

Prefering a solitary existence with her books and eldritch trinkets, Nilah does her level best to avoid the trials and tribulations of “proper” Bad Cartlow society.  Yet when numerous children vanish from nearby slums, she is drawn into a supernatural investigation that will forever change her outlook of the world…and her place in it.


Art by Jossie Lara   Story by Kenton Daniels


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